Are you tired of Ponzi Schemes and want something legit and safe?

Are you tired of Ponzi Schemes and want something legit and safe?

CashFX is a Ponzi Scheme

27 Regulatory Warnings - CLICK HERE

This is what happens when you speak out...

CashFX Account Shutdown

CashFX Personal Account

CashFX Business Account

Cashfx Personal Account Termination

Business Account

CashFX Business Account Termination

CashFX Richard Maude's response to my video & his threats...

A lot of talk, but again, they are unable to provide any proof.

This is what CashFX does to those who speak out...

Sally Owen CFX PowerTeam
Sally Owen Post Pete

Information on Sally Owen:

The 🚩 Red Flags 🚩 are mounting by the day and the latest concerning changes to the withdrawal process is the biggest.
🚩 25 global regulatory fraud warnings, and counting.
🚩 No proof the office in Panama actually exists.
🚩 EverFX continually denies any relationship with CashFX.
🚩 No real verifiable proof that trading exists or has ever existed to produce the returns stated.
🚩 Fake “Expert Traders”.
🚩 Published articles from well-respected Journalists that Cash FX is a Ponzi.
🚩 Serial fraudsters with HUGE histories in past scams involved from top to bottom.
🚩 Not even regulated in just one single territory/country on the Planet.
🚩 Desperate fake billionaires being brought in to win back trust amongst the Nuthuggers.
Ultimately these are my own views and opinions of CashFX, even though I provided many facts.

I cannot make the decision as to what you do or believe for you.

What I am saying is that CashFx is not what they claim to be and I would be surprised if they see 2022. Heed my warnings.

Don’t put all your eggs in this CFX basket because if you do and it crashes, you might just lose more than a few bucks a house or a car.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You’ll find all the resources listed below.

Extensive list of resources (continually updated)

Do your OWN due diligence when it comes to CashFX, instead of just accepting what you're told!

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